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I still have this thing? [10 Jul 2012|02:18pm]
Wow, almost August already, beginning of the month sees like half a year ago.

Haven't updated this in forever. :)
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ANGRRY FACE!!! [26 Jan 2011|04:39am]
OK honestly I do not want anything to do with any person because of the bullshit that goes along with trying to be nice, I'd rather kill myself but I am in love with love with someone. She'll never settle for me.
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lol GF.....Guardian Force [22 Jan 2011|01:13pm]
Ok; So last night tons of fun. This morning not so much. Let me break it down.

So from the beginning the night was already kinda fucked,I opted not to take the bus and hitch a ride with my roommate. Well that took fucking forever and instead of getting downtown at 9:30 like I planned, I didn't end up there until 11....-___-

So the night went pretty well actually, I've met this really awesome girl a while back and it just took me growing some balls(metaphorically) to actually ask her out. Well it wasn't really a full dating scenario because we were at Jamie's house chilling with her but it's ok Jamie is like the perfect wing man. So anyway, night is pretty fun, bought the girls dinner and dessert. Then we went to another bar and bought Jamie a drink. So went back to her place feeling pretty good, so this where things get tricky, Evie(the aforementioned girl) says she has to go home and needs to take the bus in order to wake up early to. So I play the gentleman and walk her to the bus stop and wait with her to make sure she's ok. She gets on and leaves in a good mood. Ok back to Jamie's house,sleep mode initiate. Set the alarm for 8am, don't leave until 8:40, hop on the subway. Get off at North Hollywood, and lo and behold who do I see standing right in front of me. Evie. We decide to sit next to each other and have a pleasant conversation on the ride. Reseda is my stop, so I ask her if wants me to ride with her all the way just to keep her company, she politely declines and I hop off. So I'm already pretty deep into Northridge and the phone is ringing and she's calling. I get a very impassioned phone call about how the bus driver snuffed her and left her and now she's not going to be able to get to work. Of course I am looking for solutions for the problem and she immediately shuts me out, I believe verbatim, "Just fucking forget it."

So now I scramble, I get home. Offer up 20$ to my roommate to help her out and give her a ride out to Thousand oaks, he obliges, but now she won't answer her phone. Finally picks up after several minutes of calling and accepts my offer and we go to pick her up. When we get there she looks pretty pissed and I try my hardest to act the fool to help her cheer up, but it's not working. So we arrive and she gives me a hug and assures me that we'll hang out again. I tell her it's no problem and we head out.

Pretty dramatic and complicated I know, but last night I drunk dialed a very nice girl who I've been recently talking to a lot and she kinda reminded me how thin I spread myself out for people. I think she's right I mean if it was anyone else in my situation would of just said sorry you're fucked and just not helped her, but I went way beyond what was needed just to help this girl out. I dunno maybe I should just stop being nice, I mean last night I was catching insults back and forth for paying for things, so I think I'm at a cross road right now. I mean don't want to going back to just being a jerk but it seems the road that is easiest to take, I guess the real point of this is; Is there any reward for being the nice guy?

I know we always finish last and I could be saving that money towards different causes but I just don't really know how to feel. Well I'm sure I'll work through it, but right now at this moment I need to just get it off my chest.
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Late [20 Jan 2011|02:42pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

Ok I Know I'm late, but internet hasn't really been doing it for me lately and I've been neglecting my usual haunts(damn you facebook) Anyway I feel that I guess I should be writing most of my thoughts here like I used to back in the day when the livejournal was still cool.

Umm lets see, got a job working at Bevmo. It's quite nice, I mean the product basically moves itself and all I get to do is talk to people about alcohol which is nice. 2010 was a pretty horrible year and I'm glad it's over as a whole, but the depression wave that crashed on the beach of 2011 still lingers on a bit. So I guess I just have to think about the positives so I don't fall into the same cycles as before.

I think I have 2 resolutions this year; 1- This will probably be my last year of anime-conventions. I dunno they just don't have the same appeal as they used to have and as I get older all the drunk chicks just keep getting younger. 2- I'm going to dedicate my self to getting up to a solid 220lbs of muscle-yness, I haven't weighed myself in while so it's gonna be a pretty hard fought battle of exercise and weight training. I'm currently looking into diets and it looks like milkshakes and chicken breast might have to be my primary food source for the coming year.

I've been trying to get back into the swing of things relationship wise, talking to a couple girls and asking them out on dates, but sometimes in the back of my head I just feel like, what is the point? I know I should raise my self esteem and get out there but I always alone most of the time so I guess I should get used to that fact. Also, I am quite tired of the bar scene and I refuse to try online dating. So I just feel like a caveman in this new technological world we live in. I'm definitely looking into a change of scenery by next year. I haven't really figured out where I'm gonna go, but I do know that I want to go there. Well that's all I have for today. I'll probably be updating this sporadically over the next coming days, I have a couple projects in the works and I'm probably going to be taking pictures of them and posting them here for prosperity.

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My Chinese goods wishlist! [28 Dec 2010|12:05am]






I want this stuff!
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[16 Sep 2010|11:24am]
Articles of Incorporation (Secretary of State Form LLC-1)




Registration of Trademark and Service Mark



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Not a joke [20 Aug 2010|11:18pm]
What did the manically depressed miser say to the suicidal spinster?

Nobody loves you and your going to die alone Mike.
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Sharing vol. X-men! [14 Jul 2010|10:12pm]
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Incase you haven't been watching the world cup [15 Jun 2010|08:53pm]

I am in love with the videos..all highlights on sports center should be in lego form.
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goallllllll!! [10 Jun 2010|11:25pm]
T minus 7 hours until the kickoff of the coolest sporting event known to man starts. Here are my picks

South Africa 2 - 3 Mexico
Uruguay 0 - 1 France

First match will be crazy!! ^__^
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Digital Pimping [10 Apr 2010|03:16pm]
So abound the internet these past couple hours and I have found the solutions to basically the entire unemployment problem in Los Angeles.


So basically, you create yet another social networking profile, hook up your web cam, take some scantily clad pics, play some flash games with nerds who are so socially awkward they cant talk to other people unless there is a screen separating them, gain profit!

"PlayDates can make up to $30 or more per hour while having fun playing online games. After a game session is completed, Players rate their gaming experience, and top-rated PlayDates are rewarded with enhanced site promotion and additional benefits."

So lets break down some math. according to the FAQ on the website;

"Playdates" makea minimum 400 credits a game played with the opportunity of being tipped.

$1 U.S = 60 credits
for 10 minutes of gameplay with a said "Playdate" = $6.60

and exchange rate of "Playdate" credits to currency is 400credits = $4

So 4 dollars every ten minutes of you time playing flash games with your web cam on. Digitally whoring yourself out at 4 bucks a pop playing virtual pool or battleship with someone you'll never meet probably and is most likely wanking it the entire time. They rate you afterward based on what kind of experience.

I mean it is novel idea don't get me wrong, but seriously? This is really how much we've degraded socially. Having to paying girls to play video games with us in the hope that out of all the other guys shes doing this with on a hourly pay rate that it will somehow pan out to a slim chance to preform the reproductive act? I mean hell, the website hasn't even officially launched yet and and it already has 462 facebook fans. Still all my mired sentiment aside this really is a away to earn some extra cash in world consumed by vanity and social networking.

This is obviously aimed toward females to join as the dates, I really can't see that many women paying hard earned money for fake dates online in web-based flash games the could play for free on facebook and other social networking site. But I'm just saying ladies, if you are unemployed and don't mind talking to random dudes playing flash games and being judged like a piece of meat to get top billing, fire up the webcam, wear some cosplay or just something skimpy and make that money girl!!


Post script: I found better math on the hidden FAQ;
"100 credits equals $1. So you will earn a minimum of $4.00 per game plus tips. If you complete four console games in an hour you earn $16 plus tips. Because of the webcam component, casual games are more expensive per minute, and if you play for a full hour, you will make almost $38, plus any tips?
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Arts and crafts 101 [29 Mar 2010|04:46pm]

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BOOKING OF FACE [26 Mar 2010|01:17am]
So i broke down and got one....


add away if i haven't added you or i have no idea that you are on facebook, i really am retarded when it comes to this social networking stuff
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Ctrl+H [07 Mar 2010|08:26pm]

It is a word in which by it's very meaning conveys that of importance. But in the new technological time it does have a very different meaning than that of which the forefathers intended.So I present my 2010 blog function: Ctrl+H





http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1DGHSZKH (The men who stare at goats)

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=vds9exm4 (The.Big.Lebowski.1998.DVDRip.AC3..avi)


Ok maybe a little bigger peek later. But that just a sneak peek into what I'm doing, What are you doing livejournal!???
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Sharing vol. end of 2009 [31 Dec 2009|12:11am]
Well this wraps up the 1st year of sharing saga that my LJ has been going through...well I have no idea whether it has been a complete success or not because I rarely get comments on my journal..

but I will leave you with the last post of the year.

Universal Soldier: Regeneration

VAN DAMMMAGE!!!! haha serioulsy though this movie is awful. but the action is fucking amazing. dolph lundgren and van damme is the same movie, this should of came out in 1996.


Silly little movie about little kids in loove. :)

JAY-Z:The Blueprint 3

empire state of mind is just one of the reasons to listen to it daily..

Well thats it...See yall next year!!
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fuck googling yourself... [30 Dec 2009|11:02pm]

it's all about having your own wiki page...
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Sharing vol. venture.. [16 Dec 2009|10:28pm]
Venture bros s04ep06

Haha I love the menendez brothers reference, not any of the young kids will understand that..

Venture bros s04ep07

CHTULUUUUUU in first 5mins @_______@ /awesome!!!

Venture bros s04e08

Finally we get to see what the hell monstrosso looks like, they've been talking about him for 3 seasons now...

Ok kids well the venture bros. will be talking a mid season break until 2010... So these are the last episode until they give the us what we want like the salivating dogs that we are.

in the immortal words of soulbot 5000; I love you I love you I love you
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Sharing vol. oh dear god... [12 Dec 2009|05:12pm]
Over the Top(1987)

Sly Stallll000wwwwnnneeedd!!!

Bitch Slap

Give it try...you just might like it.
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[04 Dec 2009|11:29am]

Bluray rip..useHJSPLIT to join it together..

Taking Woodstock
oh Demitri Martin....you're soo quirky..

Bad Lieutenant Port of Call New Orleans
Nicolas Cage awesome!!! Werner Hertzog is an amazing director..

Family guy season 1&2Collapse )
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I for one would like to praise our new dancing robot masters..... [30 Nov 2009|06:02pm]

EFFIN' Creepy.....

So badass.. damned robot is a better dancer than I...

If you havent read this, then you should for it is true;
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